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At LiverMedic, we know our Natural Liver Health Supplements are only one part of your solution towards a life free from Fatty Liver, one you can enjoy! We constantly update this page with the latest health news and articles in order to help you succeed.



10 Common Signs of Candida Overgrowth

10 Common Candida Symptoms Identifying candida overgrowth that cause yeast infections and other harmful side effects, is critically important for improving gut health. Candida overgrowth reduces nutritional absorption, cause IBS and leaky gut. These are the top 10 common symptoms that will help rule it in or out. 1. Skin ...
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GMO and Liver Disease

What’s the Connection: GMO, Fatty Liver Disease, Leaky Gut?

What’s the Connection: GMO, Fatty Liver Disease, Leaky Gut? While it’s true we live in a highly industrialized world where much of what we encounter is a product of chemical processing, there is something afoot that is much more troubling. Years ago alcohol, hepatitis and hepatitis b were the main ...
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Candida Diet

Candida Diet

Candida: All There Is To Know & Candida Diet What is Candida & A Candida Diet? There are a number of common misconceptions about candida as well as the candida diet; candida is actually part of a healthy natural intestinal flora. But when conditions are right (or wrong in this case), candida can ...
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Healthy Recipe fatty liver

Healthy Recipes

In order to be healthy, we must eat healthy. Supplements are a great way to jump start that process, but we must follow-up with good eating habits. Here are a list of some of the best sites for healthy recipes. Healthy Green Kitchen Recipes: Shakes, fermented beverages, fermented foods, salads, ...
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non alcoholic fatty liver disease, fatty liver

Top Remedies: Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Top Remedies: Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Often the question comes up, "can you reverse fatty liver disease?" Studies have shown this can be accomplished, but it does depend on the remedy and how far along the disease has progressed. Below are some important ingredients to detox this very important organ ...
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liver medic all natural liver support supplements for liver health

Fatty Liver Diet: ‘Livable Diet’ Rules

Fatty Liver Diet: "Live-able Diet" We are often asked in lectures, stores or at Expos, what is the optimal diet for someone either trying to lose weight and keeping it off or someone who has fatty liver and wants to recover. Therefore, we having included a diet guidelines below that ...
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fatty liver

Fatty Liver Symptoms

Fatty Liver Symptoms Fatty liver is often referred to as the silent killer because there are very few signs. The progression of fatty liver disease to more serious liver disease like cirrhosis and acute liver failure can be detected far more easily. Fatty liver is defined as having 5-10% fat ...
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Metabolic Syndrome, fatty liver

Metabolic Syndrome: Compelling Research

Metabolic Syndrome: Compelling Research & Connections Almost a third of Americans have Fatty Liver Disease although most people aren’t aware they have it. A recent report by "Trust for America's Health" indicates that a third of Americans are also obese. While growth of these diseases are not surprising to many, ...
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