Supplement Industry Flaws 
Know your brand

Supplement companies have multiple opportunities to short change their products and customers in an effort to maximize profits. This comes at the expense of the integrity of our industry and runs counter to Liver Medic’s Mission and Commitment.


First, Liver Medic researches all possible ingredients that address the targeted health concern and take into account the following when making a final choice:


Is the ingredient a TOP 10 leader in addressing this target health issue?


Does the raw material have complimentary ingredients that  enhance their benefits?


What raw material form gives us the highest bioavailability and therefore  maximizing health effects?


Finally, the highest potency and material grade ingredients are chosen for our final specification. This is where many companies can fall short. A supplement label will not indicate what decision was made on grade. The integrity of the Brand and Mission of the company guides this decision and the success of the product for our customers is the ultimate test. In our network of physicians, Liver Medic constantly receives testing feedback to ensure we set the highest standard for product integrity.


Every Batch is Tested

Many companies don't test every batch of raw material. Liver Medic maintains a high quality standard and tests every raw material to ensure our stringent specifications for authenticity and purity are consistently maintained.

All Ingredients Are Tested for Contaminants

A combination of certification and lab testing on raw materials for Liver Medic products are conducted for heavy metals, aflatoxins, chemical solvents, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

The Dietary Supplement Industry is FDA Regulated

The Dietary Supplement Industry is regulated by the FDA through their chosen agencies that conduct annual inspections. CFR 21 Part 111 establishes good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for manufacturing, packaging, labeling and holding operations for dietary supplements. Liver Medic’s manufacturing facility is regularly inspected and has received a flawless evaluation on every inspection.


Liver Medic was founded with the mission to manufacture premium quality supplements. To accomplish this goal, we manufacture our products in our own strictly controlled facility following extensively