Affiliate Program


Partnering with Liver Medic gives you access to a physician supplement line only available recently. We offer the most efficacious products available for liver, gut, sleep and stress issues affecting a majority of Americans. Physician tested and proven.

Why are effective products important? This translates to more residual commission! Joining our team is not just putting a banner on your site and hoping for the best.


→ Average orders range from $65 – $125 thanks to our cross-selling.
→ Provided attract, high converting creatives for your visitors.
→ Best Selling Online Categories: Detox, Sleep, Stress, Weight Loss

→ Up to 20% commission on all sales that you refer depending on product.

→ 60 day cookie and a majority of our customers buy twice in 60 days.


At Liver Medic, all of our affiliates are treated like partners. Unlike many other online manufacturers, we do not leave you guessing on what to do next after you join our team. We will work with you and personally guide you along the way. We want you satisfied and making money.


In the past, our specialized products have only been available to physicians. Our products are physician vetted, clean, premium and only recently available through SHAREASALE, so don’t miss out. These are unique products that help a demographic that is large and looking for solutions they can’t find through the pharmaceutical industry.


Large Demographic: 70% Women / Age 25-70 / 100 Million Americans with liver problems / 29 Million Americans with diabetes / 85 Million with leaky gut or IBS / 100 Million with Sleep Problems niche affiliate program


  1. ShareASale – This program runs through the ShareASale network.
  2. Affiliate Medic Network – Liver Medic’s in-house affiliate program. Coming Soon!



Frequently Asked Questions About Our Nicke Affiliate Program

Multiple Referrals On The Same Order
If a customer places an order with us and was referred by multiple affiliate programs, the commission is always awarded to our in house affiliate first, then to Share A Sale. We will not pay double commissions on any orders and therefore our in house program always trumps other networks in terms of payouts per order.

Do I need a website?
No, you do not need a website however you must have some form of “destination” online. The very nature of an affiliate program means you refer traffic to our website who then purchase items. In order to refer traffic you need either a website, blog or newsletter.

When do I get paid?
For our in-house program, we will send your payment 15 days from the end of the month. So if you earn a minimum of $25 in January then your PayPal will be paid out to you by February 15. ShareASale will send your check according to their network schedule.

Can I join more than one program?
We recommend joining only one of the above programs depending on your needs and which network you are already involved with.

Do I keep my referrals?
We offer commissions for 60 days. This means that if a customer purchases twice from us within the first 60 days, you get paid twice. If however a customer returns through your website to purchase, this would re-set the cookie and you would retain that customer for the additional days.