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“I had no idea there was any natural product out there that could help me. I was in an out of hospitals and taking bottles of supplements. I was relieved to find Liver Medic.”  – Bob Stover (Atlanta, GA.)


red palm oil


Liver Medic’s Red Palm Oil has the highest concentration of Tocotrienols, which is proven to restore liver function.

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Hepatiben liver cleanse


HEPATIBEN contains the leading ingredients scientifically proven to restore liver health by detoxifying highly toxic liver environments.

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sugar balance

Sugar Balance

SUGAR BALANCE contains natural ingredients and nutrition to support normal blood sugar range throughout the day, promoting stable energy and mood.

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SERRAPEPTASE is the leading ‘biofilm’ remedy found in nature for the improvement of digestive and overall health.

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Candida Complex

CANDIDA COMPLEX™ combines leading candida removing herbs, probiotics, and enzymes to remove harmful yeast.

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CANDIDA COMPLEX™ combines leading candida removing herbs with probiotics, enzymes and other gut health restoring ingredients.

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Organic Sleep Aid

Zen Sleep

Get the rest you need when the mind is still, muscles relaxed, digestion calmed, adrenal glands supported and immune system replenished.

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Organic Calm Aid

Zen Calm

Feel relaxed as muscles unwind, digestion calms, adrenal glands recharge and the mind becomes still – though focused. Important nutrients are restored to better handle daily stressors, previously depleted from constant anxiety.

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Leaky gut repair

Leaky Gut Repair

Today’s diet is creating increased permeability in our gut lining. Leaky Gut Repair combines the leading compounds to support gut restoration by producing mucosal barrier, providing the building blocks for repair and including natural anti-histamine properties to reduce inflammation – avoiding additional damage.

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