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Red Palm Oil – Liver Health

60 Soft Gels/Bottle

We have taken the red palm fruit which has the highest concentration of Tocotrienols in nature and further concentrated them 152 times in a patented, sustainable way [highest in the market].  Recent studies find it’s the Tocotrienols that are doing the very important work of restoring liver health, regenerating liver cells and significantly aiding those with advanced liver problems.* 

•  Highest Concentration of Tocotrienols on the Market (152x)
•  Powerful Detoxifier and Liver Cell Regenerator
•  Supports Healthy Liver Enzymes & Blood Sugar Levels
•  Anti-inflammatory to Reduce Chronic Inflammation
•  Add HEPATIBEN for The Most effective Liver Support Combination 

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Product Description

Red Palm Oil [60 soft gels] - Liver Medic has developed the highest available concentration of Tocotrienols in our Red Palm Oil, which the medical community agrees improves liver function. Dr. Oz praises Red Palm Oil stating it was the most miraculous find in the supplements industry in the past few years. Studies have shown that it not only supports liver enzyme reduction, but also supports hepatic cell growth in the liver. Added benefits of increased cardiac and brain health are also experienced.*

Suggested Use: Take one soft gel twice daily.


Many of our clients are just looking for a good cleanse, others are specifically looking to clean their liver as a regular healthy maintenance measure. Then there are clients that have been diagnosed with fatty liver or something more progressive. Its important to know where you fall on the liver spectrum. l


A majority of those living with an enlarged liver or fatty liver symptoms are suffering from non alcoholic fatty liver disease. This is different from alcoholic liver disease as it is mostly caused by the foods we eat and leaky gut [discussed in our other posts]. There are exceptions like those fatty liver that have contracted hepatitis [typically hepatitis b], which is viral. liv52

As we can see from the scale, liver failure can start out slowly with fatty liver, processing to hepatic steatosis,  fibrosis, cirrhosis of the liver and finally liver failure. Because there are no nerves located in the liver, there is very little liver pain associated unless has an enlarged liver that puts pressure on nearby organs. liv52

It's important to know how to detox your body at the first signs of any fatty liver symptoms.  Common liver function test will provide ALT readings. If you high liver enzyme count you should follow a detoxification regimen that includes a fatty liver diet and our strong liver supplements. liv52

There are many supplement options for liver detox including milk thistle benefits. Our products go way beyond the norm and include repairing the gastrointestinal tract along with high grade silybin [the active in milk thistle].

It's important that those with liver issues understand that a majority suffer from NAFLD [non alcoholic fatty liver disease].

 Our products are formulated to improve liver function in unique ways. We use only the most effective natural ingredients based on scientific research and conveniently combine them in a few products so as to maximize their benefits.

Liver Medic Stands Behind our Products 100%.

If for any reason you are not satisfied we will take the product back.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


"I am not a big drinker, but I do like good food. So when I was told I had liver problems I tried a few things, but they didn't really work well. Red Palm was recommended by Dr. Oz and it works. I felt better in a short amount of time."*

- Debbie, LA 

"I didn't expect to lose weight on this product, but it makes sense if you are ridding toxins in fats cells. I do feel better and I recommend it to my friends."*

- Jen, CA 

"Taking this product for a couple weeks and I feel it working. I am sure my test results will improve. Seeing my doctor next month and will continue this product to make sure."*

- Ken, TN 

"Wasn't real sure which product to take, but I was told I had a liver problem. They wanted to put me on metformin, but I didn't want that. I take Red Palm and Hepatiben and my test result show improvement.

I just wanted to say thank you."*

- Elizabeth, MD 


* Results may vary and every individual may experience different results.

Product Ingredients

Red Palm Oil – 329 mg

Regarded as the ‘sacred healing food’, red palm fruit oil contains healthy tocotrienols in the highest concentrations in nature. Touted by Dr. Oz and other nutrition leaders as a must for a healthy diet. It's these medium chain fatty acids in Red Palm that confer the health benefits of both liver and cardiac systems proven in numerous research journals available here.

Tocotrienol Blend – 50 mg

Widely investigated as being chronically low in patients suffering from liver diseases. Studies have shown hepatic cell regeneration and reduced liver cell damage with supplementation. Other benefits include tumor reduction and lower cholesterol levels.

Plant Squalene – 6.6 mg

Known to enhance the immune response, plant squalene is important in boosting the body’s ability to fight and filter toxins.

Phytosterol – 3.3 mg

American Heart Association regards phytosterols as an important preventive tool against heart disease.

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