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3 Steps to Health: Overweight Firefighter’s Story

Fatty Liver Disease affects nearly a third of Americans, though most people remain undiagnosed and unaware of their condition. This health condition is often associated with other diseases such as obesity, Type II Diabetes, Leaky Gut and many others.

I became acutely aware of this when treating a disabled New York City Firefighter a year ago. This is his story. . .

Mike was married six years with a beautiful wife and two young children ages five and two.

He had gradually gained weight over the years and by forty he was over 300 pounds. When I met Mike he was severely diabetic, taking both long-term and short-term insulin injections a dozen times a day. His blood sugar was then above 500 mg/dL. It had gotten so bad at one point that he suffered temporary blindness and had to be rushed to the hospital. His blood pressure was another major concern.

Mike was in poor shape and his wife explained to me they planned to move, leaving behind their extended family and friends. When pressed for a reason why she said, “I can’t afford to pay for the house and kids after Mike dies.”

Mike had lost hope and doctors told him he didn’t have much longer to live at the rate his health was deteriorating.

Mike’s Three Simple Steps to Health

  1. Meal Plan – 2 shakes; morning & evening. Raw vegetables for lunch and snacks throughout the day, mostly nuts. (Mike didn’t have to cut calories or even watch them for that matter).
  2. Liver & Intestinal supplements – Probiotics with Biofilm remover. Red Palm Oil, HEPATIBEN.
  3. Twelve hours of fasting at night.

I recommended a very simple diet for Mike that included critical liver and gut supplements. His morning and evening shake with no eating for 12 hours during the night allowed the Leaky Gut he suffered from to begin healing. I gave him probiotics and Serrapeptase to remove the ‘Biofilm’ to aid in this healing process.

Typically, treating a fatty liver requires a grocery bag of supplements, but HEPATIBEN and Red Palm Oil are very effective. Red Palm Oil is necessary for liver cell recovery and boosts HEPATIBEN’s effectiveness.

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Within two days Mike’s fasting blood glucose was 140, almost normal. He regained his 20/20 eyesight and was able to go without insulin shots altogether by the third day.*

Within two months Mike lost a substantial amount of weight, he can sleep through the night, no longer has sugar issues and is healthier now than he has been in over a decade. His wife no longer worries about Mike not being there to see his children grow up.*

It’s a whole new life for Mike since the 3 Step Plan began, and now it’s time to spread this story so people like Mike can reverse their fatty liver disease. These changes are simple and are are easily accomplished.


Brendan Gaughran, Fatty Liver Specialist

Brendan Gaughran
President, Liver Medic

Brendan Gaughran holds a degree in Molecular Biologist plus a Masters. He has been at the forefront of developing high quality formulations  for nearly two decades. Liver Medic is the second company he has started, both with the mission of helping to improve common quality of life health issues.


If you believe you are suffering from Fatty Liver Disease and want to help improve your health like Mike did, I recommend you begin my Three Simple Steps, including doses of Red Palm Oil and HEPATIBEN.

*Results may vary and every individual is different. We have had no reports of adverse reactions and we have a money back guarantee if not satisfied.