About Us

Brendan Gaughran
Molecular Cell Biologist, M.B.A.
Chief Scientist & Product Formulator of Liver Medic

Brendan’s mission is to help people heal from today’s common ailments with nature’s remedies. Initially, he pursued a pharmaceutical career; though he rejected that path as a failing health model which place profits before people. He quickly turned his attention to natural solutions.

Liver Medic’s first product, Hepatiben, was born after Brendan cared for a close friend suffering from a fatty liver. He became dedicated to a solution for fatty liver once he discovered how widespread the problem was and how poorly conventional medicine responded to the condition.

Originally, Liver Medic intended to focus exclusively on liver health. This changed when Brendan’s wife, Laura, gave birth to their beautiful daughter in 2016. Laura was plagued with an intense bout of thrush caused by leaky gut. After resolving this issue naturally and without antibiotics; his wife urged him to formulate a product so others would not needlessly suffer. Liver Medic’s physician network was also requesting a protocol for leaky gut. Leaky Gut Repair was launched shortly thereafter.

Having spent his life studying physiology and deep knowledge of raw materials, Brendan knows the most efficacious and cleanest ways to formulate products to maximize healing only nature can provide.

“God bless everyone and good health to you all.”


Brendan Gaughran
CEO, Liver Medic