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Brendan Gaughran
Molecular Cell Biologist, M.B.A.
LIVER MEDIC Chief Scientist / Formulator / Founder  

My mission is to help people recover from today’s common ailments leveraging nature’s remedies. Early in my career, I pursued positions in the pharmaceutical industry. However, I recognized that path as a failing health model; placing profits before people. I quickly turned my attention to natural solutions.

Liver Medic’s first product Hepatiben, was inspired after taking care of a close friend suffering from fatty liver. I dedicated myself to a solution once I discovered how widespread the problem was and how poorly conventional medicine responded to the condition.

I had intended Liver Medic to focus exclusively on liver health. This changed when my wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter in 2016. Laura was plagued with an intense leaky gut induced thrush. After resolving the issue naturally and without antibiotics; she urged me to formulate a product. Liver Medic’s own physician network was also requesting a protocol for leaky gut. Leaky Gut Repair was launched shortly thereafter.

I formulate all our products with family & friends in mind. All companies should be run this way. God bless everyone and good health to all.

Brendan Gaughran
Liver Medic CEO

Physician brand / certified

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We have US & International Certifications that go beyond the standard requirements for manufacturing.

We conduct extensive testing for mold, heavy metals and ingredient activity levels.

But it’s the study of ailment pathology that sets Liver Medic apart. We look at all deficiencies, potential root causes and ingredient synergies to create successful products.

Our Values

Family owned & Operated - not a multinational pharmaceutical company

We are locally owned and operated in the US. Our high standards are maintained by the founder and won’t be compromised.

Many popular brands have been taken over by BigPharma and to the detriment of their product line. They have maximized profits over people and comprised quality in the process.

our philosophy on health

Having spent my life studying physiology, coupled with a extensive knowledge of raw materials – I know the most effective and clean ways to formulate.


Brendan Gaughran
Liver Medic CEO

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