HEPATIBEN – Supporting Research

Hepatiben is our main liver cleansing supplement with half the ingredients dedicated to liver cleanse and the other to leaky gut repair. The following are research papers supporting their use.

GUT HEALTH – Supporting Research


Serrapeptase is primarily used to breakup biofilm and support scar tissue removal in the body. This is helpful not only in gut health applications, but also in such as endometriosis, impacting 1 in 10 women. The following are research papers supporting their use.


Candida Complex is the most effective way to rebalance candida and return patients to a normal flora. This formula combines multiple ways to attract candida and as a side benefit also removes parasites and other deleterious organisms. The following are research papers supporting their use.


Leaky Gut Repair is critical in healing the gut lining and reducing inflammation. Physicians also find it helpful in addressing ulcers. The following are research papers supporting their use.

Digest Harmony

Immune ProPlus

Sugar Balance

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