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Check Your Gut Health This Holiday Season


The holidays are upon us again, and many will find themselves experiencing increased gut health & digestive issues. It can be easy to take a break from typical dietary restrictions and discipline to enjoy more indulgent holiday meals. Increasingly, these same holidays that bring warm feelings and happy memories also present a degree of anxiety as we try to manage our digestive issues. The extra anxiety, busier schedule and holiday food can cause people to divert from their normal gut health routine. It is easy to veer off track and not take our normal gut health and digestive supplements and precautions.

For many people, a favorite holiday dish is something that can no longer be enjoyed because of the discomfort it creates after consumption. Digestive problems are more commonplace as our bodies age and take in more toxic food. Additionally, we greatly underestimate the negative impact chronic stress has over our ability to digest food properly. Ailments like Diverticulitis, Leaky Gut, IBS and more only cause for amplified symptoms. It is important to keep our gut health top of mind especially during this time of the year.

root causes

Digestive Problem Root Drivers:

  • Stress
  • Toxins
  • Aging
  • Candida Overgrowth

Left Unmanaged Will Lead To:

  • SIBO
  • Leaky Gut
  • Bloating
  • Acid Reflux
  • General Discomfort

Stress, Digestive Damage, and Inflammation Connection Explained

Stress causes cortisol secretion, which leads to immune system suppression that previously was shielding allergens from entering the body through the GI tract. Stress also causes candida populations to explode (candida is a common and opportunistic yeast that breakdown a person’s digestive lining). Both drive toxin retention in the body.

As toxins accumulate in the body; the liver, lymph and kidney functions will eventually become overwhelmed. This will result in an increase in toxins circulating in the bloodstream and the body response is chronic inflammation. This rise in the inflammatory response often results in food allergies.

Here Are Natural Solutions Verified Through Our Physician Network

Our guide below was compiled through years of patient testing and result tracking. Liver Medic’s proprietary formulations are unique and designed to solve the previously listed digestive ailments.

After thousands of satisfied clients, we feel confident that these protocols will help with your recovery in reversing damage so you can feel comfortable again. All these recommendations should include Hepatiben to clean up blood and liver toxicity. Reducing toxins in the body will help to reduce cholesterol and aid in regulating blood sugar (the liver regulates blood sugar levels – so it must be clean to do so effectively).

*When you purchase from Liver Medic, a series of emails will outline when and how much of the product to take, as well as what to expect.

If Your Digestive Issues Are Stress Induced:

Recommendations: Zen Calm, Candida Complex, Leaky Gut Repair

If Your Digestive Issues Are Sugar Craving Induced, No Stress:

Recommendations: Candida Complex, Leaky Gut Repair, Digest Harmony

If Your Digestive Issues Are Food Sensitivities, No Stress:

Recommendations: Digest Harmony, Leaky Gut Repair

product details

Zen Calm supports stress and anxiety reduction, while adaptogenic herbs help to rebalance your adrenal glands. The decreased cortisol levels will promote the healthy balance of beneficial digestive bacteria.

Incorporating Candida Complex will keep candida populations under control so they do not become problematic.

Leaky Gut Repair is great for issues of leaky gut, acid reflux and SIBO. It works by reducing inflammation, coating the GI tract, and providing building blocks for repair.

Digest Harmony is an enzyme formula with full coverage needed for a meal that could potentially create digestion problems. It contains enzymes that breakdown fat, protein, gluten, sugar and carbohydrates. This is particularly helpful if you suffer from gluten sensitivities, which seems to be most people today. By breaking down the food enzymatically – bad acting bacteria will not have an opportunity to feed on it. This means less gas and less intestinal damage and discomfort during and after meals.

Hepatiben reduces liver toxin buildup by promoting detox with precise antioxidants to help flush them from the body. This all-natural approach has led to improvements in fatty liver for many consumers.

common mistakes

We have been told the best way to improve our GI health naturally is with probiotics. However, studies show that the breakdown of the stomach lining housing beneficial bacteria must be corrected first before good bacteria can be reintroduced. And if stress driven cortisol levels are left too high, periodic improvements in health will reverse in time.

While we do not market these protocols as anything other than improving healthy – there can be significant weight loss associated with improved gut function, toxin reduction and elimination of chronic inflammation in conjunction with a healthy diet.


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