Metabolic Syndrome Compelling Research & Connections

Almost a third of Americans have Fatty Liver Disease although most people aren’t aware they have it. A recent report by “Trust for America’s Health” indicates that a third of Americans are also obese. While growth of these diseases is not surprising to many, the causes are becoming much better understood.

Dr. Robynne Chutkan, Medical Director at Digestive Center for Women, finds that leaky gut is at the center of an epidemic. Leaky gut is the widening of junctions allowing viruses, whole food, bacteria and other toxins to pass through the intestinal wall. Once in the body, the immune system is triggered and over time this produces chronic inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation is but one condition of Metabolic Syndrome that includes Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments.

When the immune system and the liver become overwhelmed, fat cells are manufactured to imprison these toxic invaders leading to Fatty Liver Disease.

Dr. Chutkan and others agree that sugar, antibiotics, pesticides, GMOs and chronic stress contribute to this rise in leaky gut. . A strong case can be made that an increase in fructose corn syrup coupled with candida increases development of Metabolic Syndrome.

Sugar is a poison like ethanol”
Dr. Robert H. Lustig, Nueroendocrinologist University of California

This is especially true of fructose because fructose doesn’t trigger insulin or suppress appetite like other sugars. In the past twenty-five years Americans average 25 pounds more in body weight, consuming 63 pounds of fructose every year. This is seven times the amount Americans consumed 100 years ago.

Our fiber intake also decreased from 200 to 300 grams per day to 20 grams. Fiber is necessary to slow the absorption of fructose toxicity, which the liver must then neutralize. The key to preserving one’s health is avoiding diets high in carbohydrates that include sugar and processed foods. Healthy alternatives must include an increase in fiber and protein to maintain proper gut and liver health, which will also prevent the growth of candida.

“Candida can be controlled through supplements, but once the path to recovery is chosen and candida die off, they release over 75 toxins that must be processed by the liver.”

So liver supplements must also accompany this so the individual doesn’t feel tired and sluggish by toxin overload damaging the body.