Why Is Candida Harmful?


Left untreated, severe candida yeast infections can be very debilitating often getting worse not better over time. The body usually battles candida overgrowth through the digestive system and frequently the battle deteriorates to impaired and ineffective levels. Over time, candida overgrowth can break down the health and wholeness of even the strongest person on many system levels of the body, but particularly the gut health system.

The Downward Spiral Caused by Candida Infections

Sadly, left undiagnosed and untreated severe candida overgrowth can cause the human body to reach a point of near digestive incapacity. At this point an individual’s gut health and overall health can deteriorate to where they are barely able to function in day to day life. These unfortunate individuals often become medical patients who bounce from one doctor to the next as the underlying root cause of their severe and worsening health issues, candida overgrowth, remains undiagnosed. Out of desperation many of these individuals end up searching the Internet and online forums vainly searching for solutions to their unsolved health problems that are slowly but surely ruining their physical, mental, and often their financial quality of life.

Antibiotics and Anti-fungal Drugs As A Solution

The mainstream medical and pharmaceutical fields have created several chemical solutions to attempt to correct candida overgrowth in an effort to help patients suffering from the various ailments related to candida overgrowth. Two of the chemical solutions are the antibiotic Rifaxamin and the antifungal treatment Fluconazole. These chemical solutions are effective to a degree in dealing with candida overgrowth, however, they are rarely used as part of an overall holistic plan to restore long term gut health. The downside to these two treatments is that they indiscriminately kill the good bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria and a holistic plan is usually requried for the body to reestablish these good bacteria back to optimum levels.

People’s digestive systems work at optimal levels when the fungi and bacteria inside of the digestive system stay in a precisely controlled check and balance. Candida overgrowth can cause negative impacts on the immune system, which makes it much harder for the person to stay healthy and improve their gut health. An increasing number of individuals are now seeking out effective and affordable natural remedies to heal their digestive illnesses rather than the more traditional mainstream pharmaceutical methods.

The Natural Supplement Solution

Naturally, the very best source of required daily nutrients is a well thought out quality whole food diet, which the body can use to keep the microbial balance of the human digestive system. When an individual’s digestive system is already compromised by candida overgrowth, a healthy diet alone may be insufficient to bring the digestive system back to its optimal balance. Many individuals find that specifically targeted nutritional, immune support, and digestive supplements can assist them in restoring and maintaining their immune system, and gut health especially the digestive system. Targeted supplements can give the body the materials needed to correct candida overgrowth. Through the use of supplements many individuals have restored their health within relatively short time spans. Some of these supplements are comprised of herbs that combine antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic formulas to help in restoring the digestive system to its optimum microbial level.