Can Good Gut Health Reverse Hashimoto’s Disease?


Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder where healthy thyroid tissue is attacked causing hyper or hypothyroidism, though most often it is the latter. This butterfly shaped gland at the base of the throat has many incredibly important regulatory functions. Understandably it’s very distressing when people suffer from this disorder.

Connecting Hashimoto’s disorder to poor gut health could mean the end to needless suffering. We will cover how to improve gut health and reverse this terrible disorder toward the end of this article.

"14 Million Americans Suffer from Hashimoto’s Disease"

The highest risk group is white middle-aged women. Women are 10 times more likely to suffer Hashimoto’s than men. Furthermore, pregnancy increases the risk even higher. The connection to compromised gut health and pregnancy is well documented. During most pregnancies there are additional stresses to the body, increased hormonal fluctuations and constipation. All of these are factors often lead to leaky gut.

Can Leaky Gut be at The Root of Hashimoto’s?

Research identifies two main causes of Hashimoto’s:

  1. Environmental factors
  2. Genetic abnormality

However, researchers are finding there is another possibility – and this one is likely more prevalent; leaky gut.

What is the Connection to Leaky Gut

The pathology of Leaky Gut and Hashimoto’s Disorder stems from a phenomenon called “molecular mimicry”. This describes how the immune system turns its focus on attacking thyroid tissue rather than “3 Key” foreign invaders.

To understand this better we have to know what happens when we suffer from leaky gut. Leaky gut is the breakdown of the highly selective membrane known as the gut or digestive tract lining.

Leaky Gut Has Many Possible Causes:

This breakdown of epithelial cells and tight junctions that make up the gastrointestinal wall, allows direct access of partially digested foods, pathogens, and other allergens into the body. As these substances flow into our circulatory system, they stimulate an immune response as they are recognized as foreign substances.


Leaky Gut

These three pathogens are directly implicated in confusing the immune system into attacking the thyroid:

Molecular mimicry

Molecular mimicry, in the case of Hashimoto’s, occurs when the immune system mistakes thyroid tissue for these three pathogens. The surface of thyroid cells looks so similar to these pathogens that our immune system gets confused, and our thyroid tissue is targeted. The more compromised the gut lining, the more of these pathogens access the body, the more of an auto-immune response is triggered.

The degree of Hashimoto’s severity often is directly related to our gut health. We could be dealing with a massive increase of Hashimoto’s because of the epidemic in leaky gut syndrome.

So here is the good news for folks with non-hereditary Hashimoto’s. Once the leaky gut is repaired, in many cases Hashimoto’s disorder dissipates. Unfortunately this is not the case for hereditary Hashimoto’s.

It is fairly easy to reverse leak gut if you’re able to control inflammation, coat the GI tract and provide building blocks for repair. Fortunately, Liver Medic has been helping people reverse leaky gut successfully with our product, Leaky Gut Repair, for years. In this one product, we have assembled natural ingredients that reduce inflammation and coat and repair the GI wall. We know this is a proven solution based on the clinical results from our physician network and customer feedback.

At Liver Medic, we believe leaky gut is a much larger driver of Hashimoto’s disorder than science is ready to disclose.  Addressing leaky gut has been a game changer for our customers with Hashimoto’s.

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