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Diflucan Effectiveness

How Effective Is DIFLUCAN on Candida?

For people who suffer from digestive distress, yeast infections or skin irritations caused by candida overgrowth, they have certainly come across Diflucan or Fluconazole commonly prescribed by conventional doctors.

Diflucan is the anti-fungal pharmaceutical solution for systemic fungal infections in western medicine. However, when listening to the experiences of many patients and progressive physicians, its clear Diflucan is less effective than a well-formulated natural alternative. People who really battle against resilient fungal infections and want the added benefit of not damaging their own immune system or digestive health - should consider natural alternatives beyond their doctor’s advice if Diflucan is prescribed.

We have discussed candida at length in previous articles and we highly recommend you read them if your interested in understanding this topic better. See below for links:


Let’s be honest, most people want to solve their health problems and move on with their life - we get that. The reason candida is so hard to treat is because it has been around since the dawn of time and developed very advanced defense mechanisms. 

By the time you start to see and feel systemic overgrowth, candida has gone beyond the digestive tract, into multiple systems of the body and is facing down the immune system.  To be successful in battling candida, the outer shell must be enzymatically broken and only then can the fungus be neutralized.

Diflucan users report varying degrees of success. Most find mild relief, but experience a return of their symptoms if their diets still include simple sugars and carbohydrates.  Still others have very little improvement and choose to alter their diets in addition to taking Diflucan to get any kind of noticeable relief. This is to say nothing of the numerous side effects of taking Diflucan, listed below:





  Skin Inflammation 




Loss of Appetite

Allergic Reactions

  Stomach Pain

Upset Stomach



The best-formulated products combine enzymes (both cellulase and protease) with leading antifungal ingredients. Many of these ingredients are also anti-parasitic, which is a nice bonus as their are always parasitic organisms in the lumen of the digestive tract. The basic core of ingredients to look for include; oregano, caprylic acid, walnut hulls, wormwood and garlic (all have proven clinical studies). We would caution users that too much oregano extract over an extended period of time can do damage to the digestive tract, just to be aware.

Our product Candida Complex has helped thousands of people, many of which report to us they started with Diflucan with mediocre results after spending a lot of money and time. We are delighted to produce a product that is constantly improved and tested in clinical settings to help people regain their health. We have also limited the amount of oregano extract to enable consistent use of Candida Complex without fear of GI tract tissue damage. As with all our products - there are no harmful additional excipients (other ingredients) to worry about. 

Best of health to you and yours.
~ Liver Medic

Recent Product Review

"I spent over $500 on visits to a functional medicine doctor who diagnosed me Candida. The supplements she recommended cost me lots of additional money and did nothing to impact it, as gut testing showed nothing changed. She put me on diflucan- nothing changed. I found the Liver Medic website and started on the Gut Health System. I’m only half way through but getting my energy back and feel myself noticeably improving. So grateful that I didn’t have to buy tons of individual supplements too. Been there, done that. This sounds like a fake review, but I mean every word. Thank you!"

- Anne, Aug. 2018

Candida: All There Is To Know & Candida Diet

Candida: All There Is To Know & Candida Diet

What is Candida & A Candida Diet?

There are a number of common misconceptions about candida as well as the candida diet; candida is actually part of a healthy natural intestinal flora. But when conditions are right (or wrong in this case), candida can transform into a very harmful destructive fungus. Candida overgrowth can lead to leaky gut, depression, joint pain, mood swings, acne and a host of other symptoms. One must remember that candida release over 180 chemicals into the body and more than 75 in the fungal form are toxic. See Signs of Candida Overgrowth below…

Even Dr. Oz admits that candida is an under-diagnosed problem that negatively affects millions in the US.

How did I get this?

Often, the causes are rather simple and take place over time. Anything taken that disrupts the natural intestinal flora can be the first step in allowing candida to reproduce in unhealthy numbers.

For instance, taking antibiotics either for an infection or through the animals we eat, will remove much of the intestinal bacteria clearing an area for the fungus to breed. Some patients aren’t aware that even prescriptions such as birth control pills can promote the overgrowth of candida.

The source of fuel for candida is sugar and complex carbohydrates. In the US, we consume 156 pounds of sugar annually. That’s ten times the amount we were ingesting just 100 years ago. This prime source of energy is fueling our candida growth problems.

A weakened immune system, poor diet leading to poor nutrition, stress and hormone irregularities are also contributing factors. The medical community has recognized this as Candida Overgrowth Syndrome (COS).

Leaky Gut Candida Connection

For those suffering from leaky gut (where fissures or weakness in the gut allows particles to flow into the body) candida overgrowth is often the cause. This occurs when candida transitions to the fungal form and grow ‘hyphae.’ These long branches grow into and degrade the gut wall leading to leaky gut and in many cases the invading toxins overwhelm the body and causing health problems within the liver..

Signs of Candida Overgrowth

Because candida displaces the natural flora and negatively effects nutrition, it is the cause of many common disorders seen today. Surprising to some are all the neurological implications. Below we have named a few:

Digestive trouble – IBS, Constipation, Heartburn, Food sensitivities, ulcers, indigestion, food cravings

Swelling nasal passages – Sinusitis, secondary infection, Thrush

Female problems – Yeast infection, iron deficiency, reduces sex drive, Bladder infections, Infertility

Behavioral – Antisocial, Suicidal, Depression, anxiety, Irritability, Hyperactivity, Lack of impulse control

Mental – Brain fog, Dizziness, Poor memory, Headaches, adrenal fatigue

Immune problems – Too many to list

Skin & joint problems – Acne, rashes or hives, Joint pain

 Also a good link for top 10 signs of Candida Overgrowth


Most practitioners may say there is no test for Candida Overgrowth Syndrome (COS). While there are some rather involved tests gathering data on the immune system, there is one fairly common test that doesn’t cost a penny. It’s called the spit test. While not scientific, it does have a fairly high accuracy rate.

Spit Test

First thing in the morning, spit into a glass of water and wait two to three minutes. Healthy saliva will sit on the surface. But if there is an overgrowth, strings will appear to come down and the glass will have cloudy look. Spit test overview

We suggest this website if you are interested in taking a candida questionnaire to find out if you are suffering from overgrowth after performing the spit test.


Starve & Kill

The candida diet is a rather easy diet to outline, but can be difficult to follow. Believe it or not, candida has a direct line of communication through the vagus nerve to the brain. This accounts for much of the sugar and carb cravings we often get. Some consider this rather unnerving that some of our urges are being influenced by fungus.

The first step in the candida diet is eliminating all sugar and carbs. The idea is to starve the candida and reduce its ability to reproduce. There is a list of foods to avoid and eat as well as a link to a recipe book below. But to really solve this overgrowth problem, you must research the following:

  • Candida-killing supplements
  • List of food for anti-candida diet 
  • Foods to avoid, foods to eat
  • Candida Diet Recipes

Reduce Candida

As I mentioned before, during the ‘die off,’ candida will release over 75 toxins into the body. A person will often feel much worse before feeling better. This process is hazardous and really should be done along with a liver detox supplement like Hepatiben to reduce the toxic effects.

The best solution for ridding oneself of the harmful fungus is not a prescription. Nature provides the best solution for breaking up the cell wall and killing off candida.

Larch Arabinogalactan is often an overlooked ingredient, as it feeds the beneficial form of candida and they will outcompete the fungal form. These recommendations are from Dr. John Reed and are supported by numerous other physicians in this field of study.

Many of these ingredients are found in Liver Medic’s candida supplement. It’s important to keep in mind that our formulation has key ingredients that are anti-fungal. For successful removal of harmful candida, a variety of ingredients are necessary. While many practitioners will suggest multiple supplements for this purpose, we want to remind everyone that Liver Medic’s formulation is complete and developed with this in mind.

It’s also important that once someone is ridding one’s body of candida, it’s wise to also take probiotics. Remember, one of the main reasons why overgrowth occurs in the first place is because antibiotics were left unoccupied in the gut lining causing the fungal form to flourish. We recommend taking a liver supplement to reduce the toxic effects and our candida supplement that also contains probiotics.

Are you ready to rid your body of harmful candida overgrowth, and get back to feeling healthy and vibrant again? Order your first shipment of Candida Complex from our website to get started!

10 Common Candida Symptoms

10 Common Candida Symptoms

Identifying candida overgrowth that cause yeast infections and other harmful side effects, is critically important for improving gut health. Candida overgrowth reduces nutritional absorption, cause IBS and leaky gut.

These are the top 10 common symptoms that will help rule it in or out.

1. Skin and nail fungal infections (athlete’s foot, ringworm, and toenail fungus)
2. Feeling tired and worn down or suffering from chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia
3. Digestive issues such as bloating, constipation, IBS or diarrhea
4. Autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ulcerative colitis, Lupus, Psoriasis, Scleroderma or Multiple sclerosis)
5. Difficulty concentrating, poor memory, lack of focus, ADD, ADHD and brain fog
6. Skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, hives, and rashes
7. Irritability, mood swings, anxiety, or depression
8. Vaginal infections , urinary tract infections, rectal itching or vaginal itching
9. Severe seasonal allergies or itchy ears
10. Strong sugar and refined carbohydrate cravings

Now that you have ruled candida in or out here are some other articles for further reading that will be helpful. Candida is not easy to remove once in the body and well-outlined regimens for complete removal to avoid a repeat flare up is required.

Why Is Candida Harmful?

Why Is Candida Harmful?

Left untreated, severe candida yeast infections can be very debilitating often getting worse not better over time. The body usually battles candida overgrowth through the digestive system and frequently the battle deteriorates to impaired and ineffective levels. Over time, candida overgrowth can break down the health and wholeness of even the strongest person on many system levels of the body, but particularly the gut health system.

The Downward Spiral Caused by Candida Infections

Sadly, left undiagnosed and untreated severe candida overgrowth can cause the human body to reach a point of near digestive incapacity. At this point an individual’s gut health and overall health can deteriorate to where they are barely able to function in day to day life. These unfortunate individuals often become medical patients who bounce from one doctor to the next as the underlying root cause of their severe and worsening health issues, candida overgrowth, remains undiagnosed. Out of desperation many of these individuals end up searching the Internet and online forums vainly searching for solutions to their unsolved health problems that are slowly but surely ruining their physical, mental, and often their financial quality of life.

Antibiotics and Anti-fungal Drugs As A Solution

The mainstream medical and pharmaceutical fields have created several chemical solutions to attempt to correct candida overgrowth in an effort to help patients suffering from the various ailments related to candida overgrowth. Two of the chemical solutions are the antibiotic Rifaxamin and the antifungal treatment Fluconazole. These chemical solutions are effective to a degree in dealing with candida overgrowth, however, they are rarely used as part of an overall holistic plan to restore long term gut health. The downside to these two treatments is that they indiscriminately kill the good bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria and a holistic plan is usually requried for the body to reestablish these good bacteria back to optimum levels.

People’s digestive systems work at optimal levels when the fungi and bacteria inside of the digestive system stay in a precisely controlled check and balance. Candida overgrowth can cause negative impacts on the immune system, which makes it much harder for the person to stay healthy and improve their gut health. An increasing number of individuals are now seeking out effective and affordable natural remedies to heal their digestive illnesses rather than the more traditional mainstream pharmaceutical methods.

The Natural Supplement Solution

Naturally, the very best source of required daily nutrients is a well thought out quality whole food diet, which the body can use to keep the microbial balance of the human digestive system. When an individual’s digestive system is already compromised by candida overgrowth, a healthy diet alone may be insufficient to bring the digestive system back to its optimal balance. Many individuals find that specifically targeted nutritional, immune support, and digestive supplements can assist them in restoring and maintaining their immune system, and gut health especially the digestive system. Targeted supplements can give the body the materials needed to correct candida overgrowth. Through the use of supplements many individuals have restored their health within relatively short time spans. Some of these supplements are comprised of herbs that combine antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic formulas to help in restoring the digestive system to its optimum microbial level.

Say Good-Bye To Yeast Infections… Naturally

Yeast Infections:
Say Good-Bye, … Naturally

Approximately 75 percent of women will experience a vaginal infection at least once in their lifetime. The culprit in 90 percent of these cases is the Candida albicansfungus. Conventional medicine typically uses the pharmaceutical remedy clotrimazole to treat these infections.

The listed side effects using clotrimazole include redness, blistering, peeling, stinging, swelling, itching, hives, or burning if topically applied. The side effects become more serious if administered orally and can include increased liver enzymes, painful urination, upset stomach, vomiting and depression. Clotrimazole is a drug and like any antibiotic, must be metabolized in the liver where it causes cellular damage. Other side effects, while unpleasant, are less damaging than those of the liver.

The more progressive alternatives to clotrimazole are increasingly being employed by physicians with good results. These are all-natural alternatives like oregano oil, caprylic acid, anise seed, black walnut hulls and wormwood. They represent the leading anti-fungal, anti-viral choices nature provides and have been used by many different cultures for centuries to address fungal infections. All have a long list of studies showing their effectiveness.

“All-natural ingredients like; oregano oil, caprylic acid, anise seed, black walnut hulls and wormwood.”

Candida Overgrowth Syndrome (COS), as it is also known, can be very challenging to get under control. The list of ailments from COS is not confined to just vaginal infections, they can include:

Athlete’s Foot
Oral Thrush
Vaginal Yeast Infection

Nail Fungus
Jock Itch

Diaper Rash

One main benefit of using solutions from nature in addition to getting rid of COS, is that natural alternatives haven’t been found to cause any of the side effects that clotrimazole or similar drugs do.

This ensures proper liver health, which is important for one major reason; when Candida albicans die-off they release over 70 endotoxins and exotoxins into the body. The liver is the organ filtering and hopefully processing these toxins to remove them from the body. Without a high functioning liver removing candida will cause damage in other parts of the body as well and is not a good choice for overall health.

When given a choice, physicians are making some smart moves away from drugs and towards these effective alternatives.

Cleanse: Where To Begin

Cleanse: Where To Begin

A Simple Approach to Detox

It’s practically common knowledge that one must cleanse the body to stay healthy. People are more aware than ever that our environment and foods contain endocrine disrupting compounds, herbicides and pesticides that need to be filtered from the body and needing our help to do so. It is not however, common knowledge how to begin detoxification.

Where To Begin

There are two main areas of the body that should consider a focal point; our intestinal tract and liver. Breaking down nutrients, absorbing those nutrients while defending against harmful organisms and chemicals is the very complicated balancing act performed by our intestinal wall. When health is compromised the gut is often where the problems first arise, so it’s important to incorporate a detox regimen that focuses here.

Probiotics and the prebiotics that stabilize and feed the new and beneficial microbes is important. There are situations where harmful bacteria and other organisms have gained a foothold and they need to be cleansed from the gut so the benefits of probiotics can be realized.

A cleanse focused on rebalancing candida would be a great first step since most people have candida overgrowth, which often leads to increased permeability of the gut lining (leaky gut). There are many natural ingredients that safely support this rebalancing and the best approach combines enzymes with oregano oil, caprylic acid and anti-parasitic compounds (these and more can be found in

Drink Water!

Always drink plenty of water during these cleanses. A typical cleanse should run for two weeks to two months depending on the supplement(s), intensity of the cleanse and the person’s current state of health. A good guide for daily water consumption is take the pounds an individual weighs, divide by two to arrive at the correct number of ounces.

Die-Off: Defend Yourself!

During these cleanses, many toxins are released into the blood stream. Often people complain about the side effects of a successful cleanse. They range from chronic fatigue to headaches and joint pain. It’s considered best practice to compliment any cleanse with a liver supplement or liver detoxifying foods. This is especially the case with candida cleansing as it releases over 70 endotoxins during a “die-off”. Taking a liver supplement like Hepatiben is good practice not only to mitigate cleansing side effects, but also to help reduce the build-up of stored toxins in the liver.

The liver conducts over five hundred chemical reactions and regulates everything from DNA repair to blood glucose levels, fat-soluble vitamin storage and ongoing toxin removal. If the liver is burdened by toxin buildup, the liver’s ability to perform these functions will be compromised. Recent studies show a negative impact in diabetes, adrenal health, LDL cholesterol levels, chronic inflammation and even cognitive decline in people with toxic livers.

Combining intestinal cleanses with liver cleansing supplements or foods are great ways to reboot for maximum nutrient absorption, increasing energy levels and reducing the likelihood of disease long-term.

Common Detox Regimens Recommended by Our Physicians:

Drink 20oz of water with lemon first thing in the morning. This initiates toxin filled bile to flow into the intestines from the liver washing the gallbladder in the process. Then follow these supplement steps below.

Morning: 1 Candida / 1 Serrapeptase 
Afternoon: 1 Candida / 1 Serrapeptase 
Evening: 2 Hepatiben [takes advantage of your liver detox cycle] 

Advanced Use: Morning: 2 Hepatiben / 1 Candida / 1 Serrapeptase Afternoon: 1 Candida / 1 Serrapeptase Evening: 2 Hepatiben