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Digest Harmony

$21.99 available on subscription

  • Covers ALL digestive enzymatic issues the body can run into
  • Includes the most common digestive issues; Gluten and Fat Breakdown
  • Aloe vera to promote beneficial probiotic bacteria for optimal GI health
  • This blend is NOT watered-down with high amounts of Maltodextrin
  • Comes with our clean Ingredients Guarantee

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Digest Harmony

We set out to make a formula that solves any of the myriad of digestive enzymes issues the body is having trouble making. This includes the most common ones breaking down gluten, fat and lactose. Choosing Digest Harmony achieves the goal of enabling gluten sensitive people the ability to eat gluten again with reduced or eliminating discomfort. Digest Harmony also covers the following:

  1. Gluten sensitive – feel confident you can consume gluten again with our enzymes
  2. Gallbladder missing or issues – we have powerful lipases to breakdown fat
  3. Beans and legumes – undigestible cellulose will no longer cause gas
  4. Meats – strong proteases to breakdown amino acids for proper digestion

People with GI pain, bloating and discomfort may need a complete enzyme like Digest Harmony – when simply repairing the gut lining may not go far enough. Often those with leaky gut got there by not producing effective levels of enzymes to fully breakdown meals. Undigested foods give rise to colonies of bacteria and other organisms that harm the gut lining. Reversing this process sometimes requires both digestive enzymes and products like Leaky Gut Repair. This can be an effective combination.

Digest Harmony Does Not Contain High Amounts of Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is commonly added by manufacturers to digestive enzyme formulas to make it appear there is more enzymatic activity (higher mg count), but with no actual activity increase. Maltodextrin is a sugar and should be kept at low levels in enzyme formulas for best overall health. This is an example of a why consumers are best off choosing physician brand quality verse consumer brands.


Take 2 capsules with 8 oz. of water before meals or when needed.



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