How Effective Is DIFLUCAN on Candida?


For people who suffer from digestive distress, yeast infections or skin irritations caused by candida overgrowth, they have certainly come across Diflucan or Fluconazole commonly prescribed by conventional doctors.

Diflucan is the anti-fungal pharmaceutical solution for systemic fungal infections in western medicine. However, when listening to the experiences of many patients and progressive physicians, its clear Diflucan is less effective than a well-formulated natural alternative. People who really battle against resilient fungal infections and want the added benefit of not damaging their own immune system or digestive health – should consider natural alternatives beyond their doctor’s advice if Diflucan is prescribed.

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Let’s be honest, most people want to solve their health problems and move on with their life – we get that. The reason candida is so hard to treat is because it has been around since the dawn of time and developed very advanced defense mechanisms.

By the time you start to see and feel systemic overgrowth, candida has gone beyond the digestive tract, into multiple systems of the body and is facing down the immune system. To be successful in battling candida, the outer shell must be enzymatically broken and only then can the fungus be neutralized.

Diflucan users report varying degrees of success. Most find mild relief, but experience a return of their symptoms if their diets still include simple sugars and carbohydrates. Still others have very little improvement and choose to alter their diets in addition to taking Diflucan to get any kind of noticeable relief. This is to say nothing of the numerous side effects of taking Diflucan, listed below:

The best-formulated products combine enzymes (both cellulase and protease) with leading antifungal ingredients. Many of these ingredients are also anti-parasitic, which is a nice bonus as their are always parasitic organisms in the lumen of the digestive tract. The basic core of ingredients to look for include; oregano, caprylic acid, walnut hulls, wormwood and garlic (all have proven clinical studies). We would caution users that too much oregano extract over an extended period of time can do damage to the digestive tract, just to be aware.

Our product Candida Complex has helped thousands of people, many of which report to us they started with Diflucan with mediocre results after spending a lot of money and time. We are delighted to produce a product that is constantly improved and tested in clinical settings to help people regain their health. We have also limited the amount of oregano extract to enable consistent use of Candida Complex without fear of GI tract tissue damage. As with all our products – there are no harmful additional excipients (other ingredients) to worry about.

Best of health to you and yours.
~ Liver Medic

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Product Review

“I spent over $500 on visits to a functional medicine doctor who diagnosed me Candida. The supplements she recommended cost me lots of additional money and did nothing to impact it, as gut testing showed nothing changed. She put me on diflucan- nothing changed. I found the Liver Medic website and started on the Gut Health System. I’m only half way through but getting my energy back and feel myself noticeably improving. So grateful that I didn’t have to buy tons of individual supplements too. Been there, done that. This sounds like a fake review, but I mean every word. Thank you!”

– Anne, Aug. 2019


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